Our Team

Project Coordinators

client relations and project deployment

Your assigned project coordinator reviews your workflow, assesses your project, oversees your transition, and ensures your EMR adoption is personally planned and executed concisely.


training and education

Plexia trainers provide in-depth personalized training that ensures users are utilizing our EMR optimally.

Technical Support Team

customer service and support

Our customer service team takes pride in providing responsive and professional support. Each representative has breadth of experience working with medical professionals. In addition, we use an action request ticket tracking system that allows you to send requests directly from your EMRs.

Development Team

software development and refinement

Our developers not only maintain your EMR, but also continuously improve its functionalities with innovative features that benefit your practice and patient care.


I have been very impressed with the capability of the PLEXIA system to handle the high volumes and demands of a busy multi-physician clinic in the hospital setting.

Dean Johnston MD, FRCPC

Plexia took care of the whole process from advising us what hardware we needed, ordering and assembling it, and training us how to use their system.

John Stewart MD, FRCPC

The team go out of their way to provide prompt and effective service and are flexible in designing the software for one's needs.

James Rudnik MD, FRCPC
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